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our story

it all starts with an idea.

water and nutrition to promote health and wellness through functional ingredients. What started as an interest to bring wellness to communities through clean drinking water quickly manifested to become today’s highly disruptive and differentiated enhanced water beverage.

wanu, short for water + nutrients, was founded by Todd O’Gara who saw first-hand the detrimental effects that the lack of clean drinking water had on the health of populations during his dentistry residency in South America at CS. Sarcobamba. Through his learnings, he initiated an innovative solution: wanu water. The goal: bring nutrition to consumers globally with a healthier alternative to sugary, artificial beverages currently in today’s marketplace.

With the support from his now wife and Director of Brand Marketing, Jacqueline O’Gara, the couple packed up their NYC apartment to move to San Francisco for further ideation and brand development. In 2013, alongside the support of their French Bulldog, Zeus, wanu water was launched from a tiny kitchen table in a small San Francisco apartment.

Fast forward 7 years, wanu water is transforming the enhanced beverage category with a formula, backed by years of research and development that fills a gap in the industry and is unparalleled to the competition in the marketplace. We are changing the way consumers think about fiber and nutrition and the means in which they consume these nutrients while maintaining authenticity and transparency to our customer base. Bottom line: what you see on the label is what you get in the bottle.

Our story started with an idea. With the passion to create business strategies that combine moral, ethical and social responsibility, Todd’s vision to incite human behavior to adapt, to improve the overall health of millions and pave the way for future generations seeking wellness and proper nutrition is being brought to fruition via wanu water.

From the apartment in San Francisco to their current brand headquarters in Austin, Texas, Todd and Jacqueline are continuing to evolve their brand every day with an amazing team. They still have the support of Zeus and now have their own official taste tester, their three-year-old daughter, Collins.