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Our Team / Jobs

Todd O’Gara

Founder & President

A visionary, entrepreneur and thought leader with industry experience. Todd creates business strategies with a focus on moral, ethical, and social responsibility. He is not content with going “along for the ride,” he is tenacious in his pursuit to change it. His approach is to incorporate wanu, and its innovative, holistic and unique formulation to continue to bring proper nutrition to the frontlines of consumers around the world as a healthier alternative to the other sugary, artificial beverages out on the market today. This vision will hopefully provoke human behavior to adapt and improve the health of millions, making commerce a force for good that will result in improved and sustainable lives for future generations.

Todd has pioneered the solution to a true, “better for you now” beverage in wanu. Offering a line of enhanced, functional waters with zero sugar, proper nutrition, no artificial sweeteners, and soluble fiber. True innovation, to pack all that goodness into a beverage that tastes great!

Jacqueline O’Gara

Chief Marketing Officer

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Jacqueline O’Gara has built a successful career as Marketing Manager focused on health and wellness products. Jacqueline’s career has led her to publicity roles at major record labels and high fashion brands, to developing million dollar campaigns and events to promote women’s health. With a strong background in Public Relations, she specializes in strategic development and brand management. Jacqueline first attended West Virginia University on a Division I Swimming scholarship and later graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Advertising and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York. Jacqueline has led the Company’s marketing initiatives since 2013.