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Why Wanu

A Letter from Our Founder

During college I had the opportunity to study abroad and travel to numerous countries around the world. I’ve been to places where good nutrition is not always guaranteed. wanu began first and foremost with the belief that water not only hydrates humanity, but is the perfect delivery system for essential nutrients to improve our health and wellness daily.

So instead of following my father into dentistry, I applied my newfound knowledge and ingenuity to create a delicious, functional water with real nutritious benefits—without added sugar or dyes. A simple and brilliant solution for a healthy day anywhere in the world.

wanu was born in 2014. Today, I share with you our new and improved brand expression. Inspired from our efforts to better understand our consumers and their individual needs, this new branding initiative will impact every facet of our communication.

Be well,

Todd O’Gara,
founder + president