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best selling fiber + nutrient infused water

clean hydration

wanu makes drinking your daily dose of water easy- with light + refreshing natural flavors + zero sugar or artificial sweeteners

“Fantastic taste combined with the best nutrition in a beverage!”

Allison B
verified buyer

“I love how one bottle is 24% of my daily fiber. It’s now easier than ever for me to drink wanu and reach my fiber intake goals.”

Kelly M
verified buyer

“I love how this water is lightly flavored but still very refreshing. It’s crisp and not too sweet! Zero sugar and only 2 net carbs, it doesn’t get better than that!”

Jessica C
verified buyer

“Thank you wanu! It’s so easy for me to drink water now!”

Maria L
verified buyer

natural energy + metabolism

wanu naturally boosts your energy + metabolism to fuel your day with 10 essential nutrients, including 100% Vitamin B12 + 7 grams of prebiotic dietary fiber in every bottle.

Wanu Ingredients

Fiber Water

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