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signs your gut is out of balance

signs your gut is out of balance

When we suffer from symptoms like bloating, indigestion, gas, anxiety, brain fog, and constipation, our body is telling us that our gut might be out of balance. So, what can we do to help keep our gut happy? 

Your digestive system is designed to break down foods and absorb their nutrients so they can be converted into energy - giving your gut a key role in your overall well-being. To maintain a healthy balance in your gut, it's important to keep the "bad" bacteria from multiplying and overwhelming your gastrointestinal tract. Enter: prebiotic fiber.

Prebiotic fiber helps nourish the growth of good bacteria (aka probiotics) that exist in your gut by contributing to an environment that is optimal for good digestive health. You need BOTH prebiotics + probiotics to improve the balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut flora.

Prebiotics can be found in many fruits + vegetables, like apples, artichokes, bananas, and garlic, as well as in wanu water. 

Each bottle of wanu contains 7g of plant-based prebiotic fiber, giving you 24% of your recommended daily intake! We always recommend a diet rich in whole foods first to achieve your fiber goals, but incorporating wanu into your daily routine may help bridge the gap in any nutrition deficiencies while staying healthy + hydrated! 

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