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2018 Resolutions with Brandi B

2018 Resolutions with Brandi B
This year, the team at wanu has had the pleasure of meeting a ton of new friends -- Athletes, moms and of course, you! We've bonded over how to put more well-deserved fun into life for ourselves and with those who matter most. Now, we're spreading some good motivation with some of our favorites on how to turn new years resolutions into everyday habits. Today, let's get to know @brandijeanneb better and how she's going to continue her healthy habits into the new year!

Introduce yourself!

I’m a Meal Prep guru and yoga fanatic, who is passionate about making delicious recipes that taste great and make humans feel amazing.  My goal is to change the conversation about health by empowering people to make mindful choices around food, fitness, and wellness so they can live their best lives.

Share the ways you'll keep yourself balanced physically and mentally for 2018.

Staying balanced physically and mentally is super important to me.  Physically – I love to do yoga, HIIT, lift weights and attend events at local studios.  I eat clean and stay hydrated.  Mentally – I meditate and journal almost every day.  I love to take baths and use my foam roller while cozy music is playing in the background.  I also go to therapy weekly, which is an amazing tool.

What are the easiest ways to stick to your new years health and fitness resolution?

A few of my resolutions for the New Year are to become a yoga instructor, to start taking nutrition classes, start my blog, be better at planning and writing things down, and to become more confident and take more chances.  I think the easiest ways to stick to your resolutions are first to make them realistic and to write them down somewhere you look every single day – with a little note of encouragement.

How does keeping hydrated help you get through the day?

I would not make it through my day without staying hydrated.  I get cranky and massive headaches.  To avoid this, I keep a huge mason jar with a reusable straw on my desk at all times + a fridge full of wanu water. I love wanu water because not only does it hydrate you each bottle is packed full of essential nutrients & vitamins.  

  We've followed Brandi's meal diaries pretty closely on her instagram to gain some inspo on how to pair wanu with healthy snacks and portioned meals. If you wanu get on the same boat, make sure to follow @wanulife on Instagram as well, and enjoy 20% off a wanu variety pack from Amazon!

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