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How to Stay Healthy on a Road Trip 

How to Stay Healthy on a Road Trip 
Hitting the road soon? Road trips can be a great way to adventure and explore your surroundings, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find nutritious options on your journey. It may seem like your only choices off the highway are fast food restaurants or heavily-processed foods, but we have some tips for making your road trip a healthy one! 1. Stay Hydrated  Hours in the car can be dehydrating, especially with heat or air-conditioning running. Keep wanu on hand for hydration plus essential vitamins, nutrients, and 6 grams of Non-GMO fiber. Plus it only has 5-10 calories per serving and zero sugar or artificial sweeteners, so it’s the perfect way to hydrate. 2. Research Your Restaurants  Whether you have dietary restrictions or you just want to choose a restaurant with healthy options, it always helps to research first. Sites like Yelp let you browse photos of meals from nearby restaurants and read menus so you know you’re choosing a place with healthy and fresh options. Try searching for terms like “Organic, “Whole Food” or “Low Sugar” to find places with the best options! 3. Pack Healthy Snacks  Packing your own snacks is often cheaper than buying them on the go, plus you can make sure what you have on hand is nutritious. We love RXBAR for their clean ingredient list of nuts and fruit, and Hippeas are a healthy, high-protein substitute for other crunchy, salty snack foods. 4. Stretch and Move  Spending all day in the car can be hard on your body. When you stop for a bathroom break or a meal, try incorporating some jumping jacks or light aerobic movement to get your blood flowing. If you’re not up for rigorous exercise, some light stretching can still do a world of good for your muscles. Wherever the road takes you, we hope you have a safe and healthy trip! 

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