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water for your gut

wanu water is the perfect solution for improving your gut health. it’s full of plant-based prebiotic fiber to support your digestive health and immune system.

digestive health + immune support

Good gut health starts with prebiotics. wanu is full of plant-based prebiotics to give probiotics the energy they need to keep our guts balanced + healthy.

70% of the cells that make up our immune system are found in our gut and prebiotic fiber specifically feeds billions of bacteria supporting a healthy immune system. Ensuring an increase of daily fiber + nutrients like vitamin E, K and B with wanu, has a direct correlation in supporting digestive health and one’s immunity.

wanu flavors

peach passion

Like sunshine and a cool breeze in a bottle, peach passion embodies the distinctive playful flavors of peach oolong tea + succulent peach slices.

kiwi cucumber

We’ve combined the refreshing touch of cool cucumber with the unique sweet flavor of kiwi, creating a truly tranquil taste you’ll love.

blueberry lemonade

When life gave us lemons, we paired them with sweet blueberries to create this ultimate dynamic duo. With the right balance of sweet + tangy, you can now enjoy a deliciously fresh tasting experience.

watermelon raspberry

Spark your senses with the mouthwatering combination of raspberry crimson flavor + the refreshing taste of juicy, crisp watermelon.

grab it for your gut

us vs. them

grab it for your gut

“Fantastic taste combined with the best nutrition in a beverage!”

Allison B
verified buyer

“I love how one bottle is 24% of my daily fiber. It’s now easier than ever for me to drink wanu and reach my fiber intake goals.”

Kelly M
verified buyer

“I love how this water is lightly flavored but still very refreshing. It’s crisp and not too sweet! Zero sugar and only 2 net carbs, it doesn’t get better than that!”

Jessica C
verified buyer

“Thank you wanu! It’s so easy for me to drink water now!”

Maria L
verified buyer