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Vitamin Deficiencies 101

Vitamin Deficiencies 101

A healthy diet can provide all the nutrition your body needs. But let’s face it- life happens and not everyone can be on their intake A-game all day, everyday.

Finicky eating patterns or changes in habits can lead to vitamin deficiencies and thankfully our bodies send small warnings to help us detect which nutrients we are missing out on most. From headaches to easy bruising or loss of sight, your body’s ability to communicate deficiencies is one of its best-kept secrets. With the help of this infographic, you can better understand how to detect nutritional deficiencies and keep you body happy and healthy!

Recognizing the signs and resolving these deficiencies are not only essential for optimal growth, development and function, but also preventative when it comes to the onset of certain diseases such as, anemia + osteoporosis. So, if you suspect you have a nutrient deficiency, talk to your doctor as blood tests are the best way to determine the nutrients you are lacking most. The best way to also avoid or remedy deficiencies, is to make sure you are eating a well balanced diet complete with nutrient rich food such as, leafy greens, fruits and nuts, and of course with the added support of supplements and/or nutrient-infused waters such as WANU! Drinking WANU daily will provide your body with 12 vitamins and nutrients essential for maintaining a healthy diet and will also aid in achieving the recommended daily intake (RDI) of each vitamin your body needs.



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