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prebiotic + patriotic pops

prebiotic + patriotic pops
A batch of popsicles in the freezer makes for the perfect summer treat when you feel like something light and cooling.⁣ And unlike a lot of other frozen desserts, popsicles are a snap to make + perfect for this weekend’s Holiday celebrations! Just a handful of simple ingredients and popsicle molds are all you need.⁣
These particular popsicles inspired by Martha Stewart are packed with prebiotic fiber, combine fresh fruits, nutrients + the natural sweetness of wanu water to create an ultra-refreshing treat without the preservatives and dyes found in store bought popsicles.⁣

  1. Fill your molds 1/2 way with watermelon raspberry wanu (depending on the size of your molds)
  2. Then add your choice of assorted fruit so the pop is full. For patriotic inspiration, we focused on fruits colored red + blue, but this recipe can easily be swapped for any fruit or flavor of wanu.
  3. Once your molds are assembled, simply freeze for at least 2 hours + enjoy! 

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